For high net worth individuals and institutional clients that require independent advisory service

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Strategic asset allocation

Independent advice aimed at complementing clients’ investment strategy

We offer a personalized advisory service. This means, regular recommendations based on strategic multi-asset allocation (equities, fixed income, alternative investments, etc). Considering clients' specific circumstances, we define tangible objectives and provide recommendations that consider both operational and cost efficiencies, amongst others. Aligning strategic allocation and preferences in terms of sustainability in order to establish specific objectives for Strategic Asset Allocation as well as ESG integration in the investment process.

Third party mutual funds

Third party mutual fund selection and investment recommendations applying different type of assets and strategies. All these, from an independent standpoint and with no conflict of interest.

Investment advice on mutual funds with access to the cheapest available share class and without third party inducements of any kind. VARIANZA is completely aligned with clients' interests and hence, invoices directly to them eliminating potential conflicts of interest. Access to all available mutual funds, including index and niche funds.

Direct investing

Available for clients conducting direct investments in equities, corporate bond, treasuries, etc.

We provide investment ideas for clients requiring independent advice to invest in equities, bonds, derivatives, etc. We look for quality investment opportunities that make sense in the long term. The service is provided in close alignment with clients’ individual interests and without any conflict of interest.