Wealth management

For clients who require a global overview of their overall assets and liabilities

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Asset analysis including financial and non-financial assets

We analyze your wealth, without limitations by type of assets or the entity in which they are booked. This means we can analyze real estate, financial investments or private equity (no matter where they are booked). This provides real awareness about the geographical, currency, asset and risk exposure necessary to make sound investment decisions.

Wealth targets and strategy

Decision process based on unique personal requirements

We seek to establish financial goals according to client risk profile and personal circumstances. We take in consideration factors such as assets and liabilities, return expectations, investment horizon, personal priorities, sustainability preferences and cash flow requirements.

Consolidated wealth report

Aggregation and report of all client assets

Wealth report of all assets regardless of the entity and jurisdiction in which they are booked. All this information may contain details about asset allocation, currency, geographical exposure and return, over real estate, financial assets, illiquid positions and all type of assets which are part of the clients' wealth.