Discretionary mandates

For customers who want to delegate financial analysis, investment decision and risk control

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Discretionary mandates with third party mutual funds

Mutual fund investing always through the cheapest available share class

Multi-booking capabilities conditional to client choice with traspaso. For example, whether the custody is in Spain or Luxembourg, we provide a customized solution with no retrocessions. We offer a rigorous process for selecting investment managers and strategies. Cost optimization is one of the top priorities; this implies even the use of index mutual funds when necessary.

Direct investing in securities

Investment strategy implemented through equities, bonds, derivatives, etc.

We always pursue a long-term wealth management perspective for our investments and hence, we apply a contrarian view when looking for high profitable and straightforward businesses at an attractive valuation. We do not believe there is a unique formula for success, and we stick to the thought that investing requires effort, perseverance and criteria.

Collective investment scheme discretionary mandates

When clients need to channel investments through a collective investment scheme

Among the most important ones we can highlight Spanish SICAV, Spanish mutual fund, Luxembourg SICAV and FCP. We manage collective investment schemes in accordance with a customized prospectus. If necessary, we assist and coordinate clients in the set-up process of a collective investment scheme. This process can be carried out in any European Union jurisdiction highlighting Spain and Luxembourg amongst others.